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In 2019 we have seen many flagship phones competing with display innovations. While the high end phones push 90Hz and 120Hz displays, the Honor 9X pushes forward of another area in display innovation. While notches and hole-punch selfies have plagued smartphones for the past two years, the Honor 9X brings us a full screen large display with no interruptions from any sort of notch. The budget phone is the best in its class with a large 6.59″ screen that stretches from edge-to-edge. Movies, photos, and games look sharp and immersive on the Honor 9X.

Honor 9X Display

Honor 9X Display

At 1080×2340 pixels, the resolution of the 9X provides a really great gaming experience. You’ll have more than enough room for touch-screen controls, without your thumbs blocking your view. Minecraft Pocket Edition looks especially good on the 9X, as well as games like PUBG and Call of Duty Mobile.

Photos and videos appear to have accurate colors and very fine details when being viewed on the 6.59″ LCD display. The notch-free 19.5:9 aspect ratio makes watching movies much better by having a ratio that’s closer to the cinemascope standard.

Minecraft of the Honor9X

The Honor 9X is able to achieve the notch-free fullscreen design by utilizing a pop-up selfie camera. This removes the need for a notch that cuts into the screen. It also allows for a much larger display to fit in the phone without having a massive body. The dimensions of the Honor 9X are the same as the Galaxy Note 10+ and a screen size that is only a hair smaller. This is a very impressive achievement for a phone with the price of €299. That makes the Honor 9X one of the best options for full screen phones in 2019.

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