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It’s not an uncommon occurrence for me to find myself driving around at 1:00 am blasting Mumford and Sons as loud as I can, as I curse the heavens and smash my fist on the deck. Speaking of funny things we all do, you probably use your Android device about all day everyday. If you haven’t invested in Android Auto, then you’re missing out on integrating your favorite Android features in with your car. Let’s explore this developing market of smart car technology by looking at Google’s Android Auto platform. 

What Is Android Auto?

Android Auto is a computer that replaces the stereo in your car. It will run all sorts of apps that you’re familiar with from the Android system. Any phone or tablet running Lolipop 5.0 or higher will be able to work with Android Auto.  Your screen size will vary depending on the manufacturer, but will usually be between 6-8 inches. While new apps are always being developed, the main functionalities of Android Auto are Google Maps, Play Music, Google Search and Communication. Since the whole point is to let you use you favorite apps while driving, the voice control is the most advanced we have seen yet. This lets you keep your eyes on the road and you select music, get directions or call your Mom. The only glitch I’ve come across is my Mother never answers and got a restraining order on me.


What Can Android Auto Do?

Well along with the functionalities mentioned previously, you can also download third party apps! Lets take a look at the top 5 Android Auto apps.

5: Skype

Never take a long road trip by yourself again! With Skype, you can call any of your friends from in your car. This is especially useful for when you’re in a group call, and you gotta go get pizza or something. You’re the life of the party and everyone else is only in the call because they know you. If you leave, it gets really awkward. So stay connected by picking up where you left off with Skype for Android Auto.

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4: Joyride Podcast Player

Podcasts only really make sense when you’re listening to them in the car. Having an app that you can navigate easily makes the experiences so much better. In fact you might have a new found love for podcasts once you try out this app.

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3: Google Voice Search

There are so many different uses for this feature. You can check what time the store closes that you’re heading to, you can check the weather before you leave town, you can lookup phone numbers for roadside assistance… It’s really great. This feature will come stock on any Android Auto device.

2: Play Music

Finally we get a system that will play music in our car, that won’t suck. Hooking your phone up via bluetooth to an ugly stereo is a garbage solution. Play Music is a perfect pay to listen to Mumford and Sons until your ears explode and you die.

1: Maps

No more propping your phone up awkwardly on the dash, so you can view your GPS on a tiny screen. Put your phone down, son! You’ve got all the best features from Google Maps baked into your car now. GPS, traffic reports, eta, voice functionality and everything else you want when it comes to navigation.

How Can I Get Android Auto?

Soon all the major car manufactures will have Android Auto in their vehicles. If you want one now and don’t really want to buy a new car, you will most likely have the option of buying a stand alone system that will replace your current stereo. But as of right now, Android Auto is still very new and only found in newer model cars.

To use your device with Android Auto, you’ll be download the companion app from the Play Store.

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