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Getting a new Android watch is a lot like getting a new dog. Sure you know about all the basic tricks it can do like bark, roll over, eat and sit but there’s still a lot to learn about. What kind of movies does the dog like? Does it have any friends? It is more of a romantic type of dog or conservative? Either way, the same thing goes for any Android watch. Once you get through all the basics like health tracking, alerts, notifications and all that jazz, you’ll want to get into some of the best apps you may not have tried yet. That’s what we’ll be looking at in this article so read on to see our favorite android wear apps.

Store For Android Wear

So let’s start with where you can find a bunch of great Android wear apps, the Store For Android Wear app. It’s a third-party app. This app will let you browse through the many apps available for your smartwatch. The reason this app is handy to have around is the Play store doesn’t really have a section to browse apps that are compatible with android wear. This puts everything in one spot for you so it makes it a little bit easier.


Download Store For Android Wear

Watch Faces for Android Wear

Of course one of the most important things is making sure you have a watch face that you love. Watch Faces For Android Wear have a butt ton to choose from. If you want to explore your creative side you can even design your own custom watch face. It’s easy and fun, just like me.


Download Watch Faces for android

Google Keep

People who use Google Keep know that once you get started you’ll easily become dependent on it. I use Google Keep to keep track of when I need to feed my pet snake and what kind of ingredients he likes in his hamburgers. Having your notifications and reminders popup on your watch is a no-brainer. Get Google Keep.


Download Google Keep

PixtoCam for Android Wear

Use your watch as a viewfinder for your smartphone camera. Tell it when to take photos, take videos, switch cameras and a lot of other features. Works great if you got one of those off-brand selfie sticks without the Bluetooth shutter button. You’re cheap.


Download PixtoCam for Android Wear

BiDot – Android Wear

Android Wear is a terrible platform to play games on. There are very few games that will work on a screen that small but if you must have something to kill time on your watch while your wife or girlfriend is yelling at you, then check out BoDot. The goal is to separate the colored dots in a fun and challenging way. The only other fun and challenging thing about playing a game on your watch is trying not to look like a complete doofus as you play a game on a screen smaller than your thumb.


Download BiDot – Android Wear

Give these apps a whirl to spice up your Android Wear powered smartwatch. You can also check out the android wear XDA forums to see what other apps people from the community are using! Do it!

XDA Android Wear Forum

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