Best Apps for Rooted Android Devices (New Update)

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In the earlier days of Android, there were many features you could only get by rooting your phone. Some of those were a Wifi hotspot, overclocking, UI mods and App mods. These days, our phones are so fast and rich with features, that overclocking isn’t as necessary unless you’re insane and want Angry Birds to open in 0.10 seconds instead of 0.15. Many people still prefer to root their device though. If you have a rooted device or are considering it, I’ll help you make that decision by going over some of the best apps for rooted phones.


Unarguably since its release, Tasker has been users favorite app for its unimaginable automation powers. You can automate almost everything on your Android device using Tasker. Be it to automate your daily routine or having a floating button in Google dialer, Tasker has your back. There are countless guides, wikis, video tutorials all over the web on how to automate this and that using Tasker.  At XDA, we even have a forum for you, to share your tips & tricks with the community. Check it out here.

What’s better than a Maid? A Maid especially for your Android. SD Maid is a system cleaning app that works with root as well as without root (with limited features). It has a plethora of useful features you would expect in a system cleaning app and the best part is that it has a free as well a paid version. SD Maid features options like to watch the apps to remind when they leave junk files after you install them, cleaning system files, optimizing data files, finding duplicates, a file explorer and a lot more. Take a look, and I bet that you will never need to find a perfect system cleaning app again.

TWRP has its own official App for Android for some time now. You can use this app to update your existing recovery, back it up, or flash a new recovery. We had previously covered in detail about this app in a separate article here. Go ahead, take a look and have fun to tweak your recovery.

Substratum is a theming tool that can apply system-wide themes with or without root. There is a huge community of developers and designers making beautiful themes and tweaks. The history of Substratum starts with CyanogenMod, which was an extremely popular custom ROM. Cyanogen included a theming engine that made it super easy to apply themes. Unfortunately, Cyanogen eventually died off, but Substratum rose from the ashes. At first, it required root to apply themes, but Android Oreo made it possible to use without root.

You can check our detailed guide on Substratum which answers all your general questions as well as links to Substratum official XDA forum.

Note: Google Killed Rootless theming support on Android Pie. Read our detailed article on the issue to know more.

Simple Reboot is a free, open source app from XDA Recognized Developer franciscofranco which aims at just a simple task i.e. rebooting. Custom ROMs obviously provide configurable options for reboot menu, Stock ROMs doesn’t. That’s where Simple Reboot app comes handy. Rather than going through the pain to use keys, USB connections, all you have to do is to select an option and it reboots. This app doesn’t need any permissions, nope! Just root access, and you are ready to reboot.

When you think about backup, the first app you will probably think of is Titanium Backup. With over 25 million users and awesome features, Titanium Backup is undeniably the best backup app. Want to create a flashable zip of apps to flash on another device? Integrate app updates into the system? Freeze or do more with an app that a normal app manager allows you to do? Then, Titanium Backup is your goto option. It might feel a bit complicated for new users at first, but there are a lot of tutorials all over the web, which will help you. Feel free to check out its wiki on XDA that may answer some of the questions.

Migrate is the new kid on the block which is aimed at backing up your precious data while switching or jumping to different Custom ROMs. It can not only backup your apps but also your contacts, call logs, messages, DPI and much more. Migrate features a nice tutorial during its first launch to help new users as well. To restore, you can simply flash the zip which gets generated after backup through TWRP and configures a bunch of things after boot and that’s it. Check out our dedicated article over Migrate to read more.

Aimed at saving your battery, Greenify is a powerful app which works with and without root. Featuring a number of powerful options in a simple interface with a well-detailed information dialog box, Greenify actually works. Rather than doing what so-called boost most apps out there does, Greenify hibernates apps, gives you the option to customize Android’s Doze feature and a lot more. You can even increase its power using Xposed and its paid add on. Greenify actually makes a difference because you can actually see the result.

Compatible with devices Android 2.0+, MiXplorer is a simple file explorer, developed by XDA Recognized Developer HootanParsa. Holding up a number of features, this file manager (both free and paid version) is free from ads. You can browse files, pack-unpack your archives, change themes, create tabs, share apks, mess with root and a lot more. You can view the complete list of features on its official XDA Thread.

Coming from XDA Senior Recognised Developer Chainfire, FlashFire is one of the most advanced on-device firmware flashers. It can supposedly flash anything on your device, be it OTA, ROM, Mod, Kernel or anything that is flashable for your android device. It even allows you to backup, restore your partitions. I had personally used FlashFire on my low-cost Android device to flash Xposed and it worked flawlessly. The best part of this app is that it doesn’t depend on custom recovery.

You can check its official XDA Thread to know more about it.

Kernel Auditor is a famous Kernel Manager by XDA Recognized Developer Grarak upon which a number of variations of Kernel Manager are based. This app comes which simple features which even a novice user can handle. Unlike many other paid Kernel Managers, Kernel Auditor is free as well as is open source which makes it cooler. If you are interested in having more features to tweak, you should checkout Kernel Auditor MOD as well as Kernel Auditor MOD-REBORN which are based on this app and targets advanced users. Some of the simple features include CPU Freq  Controller, LMK, KSM, and others.

Check out its official XDA Thread to know more.

XDA Thread for Kernel Auditor MOD

XDA Thread for Kernel Auditor MOD-REBORN


and that’s not all. There are still new great apps coming up every day, every moment. Do you have some suggestions? Feel free to hit us up in our community groups and we will take a look at it. Till then, Happy Tweaking!

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