Best ROMs for the OnePlus 3T

Come with us to explore Best ROMs for the OnePlus 3T

In this video, Miles is going to show us the top three ROMs that are available for the OnePlus 3T. If you’re looking to flash some ROMs on your device, this is a great place to start.


Tugapower features the substratum theme engine which is pretty unique for a ROM based on CM14.1. It’s also preloaded with ViPER4android and everything runs very smooth. So if you’re looking for a stable and unique ROM for the T3, check this one out.


Resurrection Remix

This is a ROM based on CM, SlimROM and OmniROM. This is just about the most highly customizable ROM that you can get for the OnePlus 3T right now. There a ton of features in this ROM taken from other ROMs, as well as a bunch of features that they’ve created themselves.


This is our first step into the LineageOS transition. CyanogenMod is dead, so this is where we go from here. Fans of CM will appreciate this ROM, or just anyone who’s curious about where LineageOS is headed.


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