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Now that the OnePlus 2 has been officially unveiled and that we have had close-up looks at the device itself, it is time for XDA users to begin discussing what to expect out of the company’s new flagship phone. Can the OnePlus 2 help you never settle? If you want to find out by discussing with fellow users, the XDA forums are the right place to do so.


The OnePlus One is known for its great community which helped create amazing software alternatives and modifications. Because of that, the OnePlus line is one of the most talked-about lines at XDA. So, if you want to learn more about what other XDA users think about the OnePlus 2, you can check out our coverage of the phone, our discussion on its design or simply head to the general forum where all sorts of conversations are going on and beginning to form. Some of our favorite discussions and promising threads include:




The community will undoubtedly grow now that the phone has been revealed. Love it or hate, the OnePlus 2 definitely made some noise with its Virtual Reality launch event. Now it is up to the package to show if it doesn’t settle and if it is deserving of the “flagship killer” title. While there are definitely concerning aspects to the phone, we know that XDA users and contributors are capable of making the best out of any device. So if you are interested in the OnePlus 2, make sure to pass by the forums. It’s a new hub so there is not too much activity just yet, but you will definitely find one or two good threads!



Do you think the OnePlus 2 will live up to the amazing developments of its predecessor? Let us know below!

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