Expect to See 12 New Moto Mods in 2017

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This was the year of the modular smartphones. Many were hoping for Google’s Project ARA to see the light of day until reports said the project had been put on hold. LG started a big campaign with the launch of the LG G5, and were inviting developers to check out their modular system. Lenovo/Motorola even jumped into the game with the launch of their Moto Z series of phones and the modular back plates they call Moto Mods.

Motorola also started to invite developers to check out their modular system as well, and this resulted in a few 3rd-party company having their own Moto Mod for Motorola devices at launch. Just recently, we saw the launch of 2 new Moto Mods with one being a battery pack from Mophie and the other being a car dock from Incipio. Motorola says they’re dedicated to their modular system and have recently began talking about the possibilities of future Moto Mods.

Just last month, they teamed with Indiegogo to get Motorola’s modular platform even more exposure through the “Transform the Smartphone” challenge. The contest ends on January 31st, 2017 so be sure to enter as they’ll be giving away Moto Z phones and MDKs to those who come up with the best ideas. Just a few days ago, John Touvannas, Motorola’s senior director of product management, teased some possible Moto Mod ideas around that included e-ink displays, a baby monitor, and even a 5G modem.

It’s nice to see the company standing behind their modular system, and next year looks even better for the platform. Motorola’s 2017 fiscal year starts in April, and Touvannas says they expect to launch “more than 12 new mods for 2017”. The company continued listing Moto Mod ideas that include things like a game controller, measurement tool, external storage, alarm clock, breathalyzer, remote control, LED lights and more. It remains to be seen how successful these Mods become in the market, if at all they transcend into the realm of reality.

Source: CNET

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