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Spoofing your Android GPS location is probably something a lot of people dismiss as something only developers need. While it does offer many uses, to those who test apps, ROMs and other services, spoofing your GPS also offers many uses to the ordinary Android user. By manipulating your location, you can exploit all kinds of apps. Let’s take a lot at some of my favorite ways to take advantage of spoofing the GPS.

Fake your location

So lets begin by turning on Allow Mock Locations. This will allow applications to trick your phone into thinking it’s at a specific geographical location. First we need to activate developer options by following these steps.

Go to Settings > About > Tap Rapidly on Build Number until it says “You are now a developer.”

Then go into your developer setting and check “Allow mock locations“.


Now that we have enabled mock locations, we will download an app that will allow us to fake the GPS location. There are several different apps that can do this, but the best one right now is Fake Location Spoofer Free.

Play store link

Now you can select a random spot somewhere in the world and activate the fake location. I’ll show you how you can have some fun with this.


Now that you know how to spoof your GPS location, go ahead and select somewhere that would have a Snapchat location filter. Launch snapchat and you’ll have access to the available filters from that area. This is a great way to trick your friends into thinking you’ve gone on vacation, or been kidnapped by extremists.


There are two ways to use this in facebook. Facebook messenger uses your phones GPS to share your location. Set your location to somewhere dangerous, and send your location to your Mom, over Messenger. Tell her you have been kidnapped and your captors are demanding $50,000 to release you. Pocket the money she sends and never speak to her again. you can also use this to scare people and make them think you are standing outside of their house.

The other way you can use this in facebook, is the check in feature. Never been to Time Square? Well now you can trick everyone on your Facebook that you have gone on vacation! Make your friends jealous!

Dating Apps

Have you swiped through everyone in your area? Or maybe everyone in your area is just horrible. That’s the case for me. So now when I desperately search for love in a crowd of lonely people, I put my location to be somewhere much nicer. Let’s just say people are more likely to respond when they see I live in Beverly Hills ;).

I have to actually trick people into talking to me…


There are so many other awesome and hilarious ways that you can use this feature. Just make sure you turn it off before you use your navigation, or you will die.

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