Hi Locker to Help You With Lockscreen Headache

Come with us to explore Hi Locker to Help You With Lockscreen Headache

The lockscreen is a part of the OS that we see hundreds of times every day, whether we’re using Android or iOS. The look of the lockscreen depends on the Android version, device manufacturer or ROM chef. In short, it differs for almost every user. Luckily enough, users can use third party alternatives that bring more features. One such application is Hi Locker, developed by XDA Senior Member thotran7989.

Hi Locker can be found both on the Play store and on XDA. After installation, you need to give it access to manage the notifications and disable the default lockscreen method used by your firmware. The application offers many ways of protection such as PIN codes or patterns. You can also enable a safe Wi-Fi option, which lifts the protection when trusted Wi-Fi network are in the device’s range. Hi Locker has many security options, so surely you’ll find something that suits you most.

Third party lockscreen applications are packed with dozens of options to personalize the user experience. Hi Locker has two styles for unlocking: the classic style, known from Jelly Bean or KitKat, and the one based on Lollipop. Of course, they are heavily modded to give you the possibility to add shortcuts for your favorite applications and games. Every method allows you to set a message to yourself. You can add a greeting, some important entry from your TODO list or simply whatever you like. You can customize almost every element of the interface. Below, you can see available clock styles and a sneak peek at the lock screen with notifications.


The majority of customization options and the smooth integration with the system make Hi Locker a good alternative to pretty much every other lock screen, delivered either by vendors or third party developers. The developer is also quite active at providing updates. In one of the latest revisions, they added a pretty useful function called what’s next, which fetches the entries from Google calendar and presents them in neat looking screen.

To wrap things up, Hi Locker is definitely a nice application that can replace the default lockscreen with ease. Give it a shot by visiting the official XDA thread and you will not regret it.

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