Honor 6X Battery

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Enjoy the battery life of a premium phone at the fraction of the price. With over two days of normal use, the Honor 6X will keep you moving without having to worry about charging too often. Even when gaming you’ll have over 8 hours of battery life.


Honor 6X Specs
Size 3340 mAh battery
Life 2 Days of normal use
Charging 5V/2A Fast charging technology

Honor 6X’s 3340mAh high-density battery is a step ahead of the game with an increased battery capacity of 11%. It delivers 2.15 days of usage and 1.5 days of heavy usage on a full charge. With its 5V/2A fast charging technology, the Honor 6X gets going as fast as you do. The possibilities are endless: you can watch up to 11.5 hours of video, listen to 70 hours of music, or embrace your inner geek and game for up to 8 hours – in just one charge.


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