Imitation Airpod Replicas & Copies (New Update)

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If you want to get the true wireless and connectivity features of the Apple AirPods, but don’t want to spend that much money on the high price tag, you might find some of these off-brand knockoffs to be an acceptable alternative. These are some of the best ‘faux AirPods’ on the market in 2020.

When choosing the best fake AirPods, we looked for options that had the same looks and features found in the Apple AirPods. This includes truly wireless Bluetooth connection, charging case, decent sound quality, and a similar look and style to AirPods.


The A2mini wireless earbuds on Amazon are designed to look as close to real AirPods as possible. With Bluetooth 5.0, they are compatible with both Android and iOS devices. These AirPods substitutes share many of the same features including wireless case charging, built-in microphone, touch controls, sweat and splash resistant, and instant connection (iOS only). At $21.99 these are very cheap AirPod clones. Just don’t expect great sound quality at this price point.

A2mini Wireless Earbuds

T12 Bluetooth Earbuds

At $39.99 on Amazon, the T12 Bluetooth Earbuds are one of the better options for AirPod replicas. They feature Bluetooth 5.0, 30hr playback time, instant pairing, touch controls, built-in mic, and an IPX5 waterproof rating. As far as looks go, they deviate slightly from the AirPods design by featuring a flat surface. They still maintain a stylish look, and from a distance, they look like any normal pair of AirPods.

T12 Bluetooth Earbuds

Fantime Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

The Fantime Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds have a different design than most AirPod clones, going with a small pill design that gets rid of the small rods you’ll find on other options. The earbuds are only 0.63″ in size, allowing them to have a smaller case and be more compact overall. They are compatible with most Bluetooth devices and feature a 4-6 hour playback time, while the charging case increases that playback time to around 30 hours. These earbuds are $36.99 on Amazon.

Fantime Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

AirPod copies come and go quickly on Amazon, some only lasting for a few weeks before they disappear. Check out these substitute brand options above when you’re looking for affordable AirPod clones.

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