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You know how when you think about smartphone cases, you begin to salivate and dry hump your pillow? Well I do! For those of you that love smartphone cases, the LG G4 is a dream come true! On the LG G4, you’re also able to pop the back off, and replace it with custom covers. So let’s take  a look at these options and see what we’ve got!

Back Covers

LG has made several back covers available for the G4, that you can purchase on their website. LG describes these cases like so: 

In creating the LG G4, LG designers took inspiration from everywhere to create an ergonomic, gently contoured device crafted from timeless materials. As a result, the smartphone has never looked — or felt — so good.

LG Website

Ok, so you’ve got some options for some really nice genuine leather covers, that come in a plethora of different colors.

If you want to pick up one of these covers, they are available for $69, from the LG website.



Folio Case

Alright friends, next me have the popular flip covers that all the  kids seem to have these days. Once again this case will snap onto the back of your G4. The flap will fold over and cover your screen. There is a little circular window left open, where you can double tap, to use certain features and apps. 

Show off your style with the LG G4 Quick Circle Wireless Charging Folio Case. Simply remove the back cover of your LG G4, then snap your phone into the case. The curved shape provides a harmonious fit with your LG G4.

LG Website

You can get a Folio Case for $59.99 from the Lg Website.





The Otterbox cases are for those of you that need a little more protection in your life. Lol my parents are always saying that’s what they needed back in the day. I’m not sure what they’re talking about, but I do know that these are solid cases. The best thing about Otterbox is their warranty, which I have used many times, to get cases replaced.

There are three different types of Otterbox Cases for the LG G4. The Commuter, Symmetry and Defender, are all available from the Otterbox online store. These cases will range from $40-$50. Check it out, and see if there’s anything that you like.




As people with free will, we make millions of different choices in our life time. One of those choices can be purchasing a Trident case for your LG G4. Trident has rugged cases that actually don’t look like tractor tires. Leave the farming at the farm and check out one of these sensual cases. The two different options are the Cyclops and the Aegis case. You can grab one of these cases for about $40 from the Trident online store.



Looking for something a bit more stylish? The Maxboost Vibrance Series is seriously so cute. That color is called Italian Rose. That name alone is enough reason to buy this phone case for only $10! You guys are crazy if you don’t consider that adorable phone case. Go look at it on Amazon. Do it.





So these are the cases that LG is offering for the G4. Of course there are plenty more options for protective cases and stuff is you search on Amazon, but you’re probably already familiar with those options. So if these aren’t quite what you’re looking for, check out these options on Amazon.


Cya later alligator.

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