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The LG G4 has a beautiful 2K display that will make your man parts shrink! To take advantage of this, you’re going to want to have an awesome wallpaper that will blow your shoes off! I’m going to show you some of the best wallpapers for the LG G4 😉 😉 ;)!!!!! *wink*

LG G2 Stock Wallpapers

First of all, for those of you devils that are here to snatch up the stock wallpaper images,  I’ve got you covered. The stock wallpapers are obviously designed to look perfect on the UHD screen of the G4.

The stock wallpapers are really bland. I’ll definitely be putting something different on my G4, straight away.

You can download all the stock wallpapers in this XDA thread.

Thread Link




LG has an app that lets you find all kinds of wallpapers, themes and fonts. No need to bust out your wallet, because all of these wallpapers are free of charge! Keep your money, it’s yous! Put your checkbook away, sir! There’s no need to hassle with those coins! Republic Credits are no good here!


UHD Wallpapers

If the stock wallpapers don’t suit you, there’s plenty of other UHD wallpaper options. Here is an XDA thread that features a large pack of UHD wallpapers that you’ll be able to download.

Thread Link

It’s a bit strange, but the phone actually doesn’t come with any options for live wallpapers. So checkout the Play store, if you need to download some live wallpapers.

Another great way to explore for UHD wallpapers is to use Google images. You can filter through pictures by resolution. So put in the resolution of your phone (1440 x 2560), and google will pull up all the photos that have been optimized for your screen.

For more awesome customization options, check out the XDA Themes and Apps forum. The XDA community is always sharing awesome wallpapers and themes, here.

XDA Forum


So go round up some cool wallpapers, cowboy! There’s plenty to choose from!

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