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The Moto X Pure is my favorite Motorola phone that I’ve used since the original Razr V3c. Make no mistake, this $399 device is a premium Android smartphone. With all of the latest technology built into this device, you’ll also get water resistance and expandable storage. That’s pretty awesome! I get excited over these things because I don’t have many friends or anyone to talk to.

Motorola put up this comparison chart which lists the features next to the current competition. 


So on paper this phone looks great. Let’s put it to the test by running some of the most popular benchmark apps and see how it performs.


Geekbench scores the Moto X Pure right up with devices like the LG G4 and the Galaxy Note 5. Even though those devices have a Snapdragon 810 and the X Pure has an 808, it still performs very much like other high end devices.



3DMark primarily measures how well your phone will do when it comes to gaming.

Screenshot_2015-11-09-03-02-16 Screenshot_2015-11-09-03-02-36


AnTuTu also ranks the X Pure up with the other leading smartphones out today.


Quadrant Standard

A respectable score that clocks well above the range of whats acceptable for a $399 phone.


This phone is surprisingly powerful. It costs less than any of the other flagships out there and it has water resistance, expandable storage, Moto Assist and the best hands free system available on any Android phone. Really great phone!

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