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It’s difficult to compare the OnePlus 2 to phones like the Droid Turbo or some of the newer Sony Xperia phones. The reason is, the battery life on those phones is a selling point. They’re also double the price of the OnePlus 2 with around the same specs. So while you’re seeing lots of people compare this phone’s battery with the other company’s flagship phones, let’s just see how it does on its own. Battery life is important when you’re spending many hours per day sexting your best friend’s mom.

Battery Specs

Capacity Talk Time Fast-Charging? Wireless Charging? Removable?
3300 mAh 30 Hours No No No

Battery Temperature

The previous phone I did a battery test on was the Galaxy S6. Even the most simple tasks would cause the temperature of that phone to shoot up over 100 degrees and burn my girlish hands. I was very relieved that the OnePlus 2 was not going to be this way.

The battery at its lowest temperature was 80 degrees. This temperature was read as I was using the phone normally, without it being plugged it to the charger.

The highest temperature that I recorded was 90 degrees. I was able to get the temperature up by running a stress test for about 15 minutes, and having it plugged into the charger. Still the phone stayed under the 100 mark.

Even with the phone at its highest temperature, you couldn’t tell the difference by touching the phone. The surface of the phone seems to not be affected very much by the core temperature.


Battery Life

So how much time will you get out of the battery with the OnePlus 2?

I found myself easily getting through the day without having the charge it. You might see some reviews saying that the battery life isn’t that great, and even less than the previous model. These reviews seems to have been done with an older software version. The latest software performs quite well when it comes to battery life.

The OnePlus 2 does not have any battery saving/stamina modes built in. Of course, this phone is all about modification. So checkout the XDA forum for the OnePlus 2 and you’ll be able to find plenty of ROMs and Kernels to improve battery life.

XDA Forum

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