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On weekends I like to get together with my friends and compare our benchmark scores for our phones. The person with the lowest score has to smash their phone with a hammer, then chew their fingertips off. It’s a fun game, but with stakes that high, you wanna be confident that the phone you’re bringing is going to perform well. In this nice little article, I’ll test out the OnePlus 2 with several of the most popular benchmark apps, and we can check out the results together… as a family.

All of these tests will be ran on an unmodified, 4GB of RAM version of the OnePlus 2, running the stock OxygenOS ROM.

AnTuTu Benchmark Geekbench 3
Screenshot_2015-10-01-17-18-56 Screenshot_2015-10-01-17-20-44
AnTuTu scores the OnePlus 2 at 62228, putting it between Letv Le1 Pro and the Xiaomi NOTE Pro. Geekbench Score comes in at 1127 for single core and 4392 for Multi-Core.
Quadrant Standard Edition 3DMark
Screenshot_2015-10-01-17-21-55 Screenshot_2015-10-01-17-28-55
I’m not sure why this app still compares your phone to devices that are 4-5 years old, but it seems my phone is infected with a virus! I must scan and kill the viruses now! Oh, that’s just an ad. The OnePlus 2 really struggle with the benchmark. The phone barely made it through the benchmark without crashing and exploding into a billion bits.
And here is this score. I’m not familiar with this app, so I’ll trust you know if these scores are good or not lol.

So at the end of the day, I’ll probably bring something a little beefier to my benchmark battle, so I don’t have to chew my fingertips off.

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