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The reality of photography is, anyone can be a good photographer. All you need is a smartphone and a facebook page, and I don’t see why anyone would have a problem with paying you $200 to take baby pictures. Well that’s what I set out to do with my new OnePlus 2. I quit my day job at Sissy Boys incorporated to pursue my career as a professional picture taker. First things first, I need some photos for my portfolio. Let’s head out and take some amazing pictures.

The Great Outdoors

Well I was about to head outside, but there was a bee out there. I watched the bee murder a small bird! The bird fell to the ground, and as it took its last gasp of air, I slid open the door just enough to take a picture.

Wow #ART.

I’m already on my way. Capturing the essence of death is something photographers have been trying to do for millions of years, but have failed. I am the first to achieve this milestone.

If you want me to take pictures of any of your dead pets or animals, like my Facebook page. I charge $200 an hour.


Back Inside

Honestly, being a good photographer is all about having a good camera. Why do you think photographers spend so much money on cameras?

Anyways one the qualities of a great camera is being able to capture color accurately. Honestly, I’m an artist…so I have lots of coloring stuff. I snapped an amazing photos of my art tools. Honestly, it turned out perfect.



Honestly, detail is why more important then you would think. Like you know when you take a picture of tree and you can see the leaves? Yeah, that’s called a detail.

I took a picture of some of my dad’s audio equipment. He’s a loser and I hate him, but he did buy my this phone so it’s honestly whatever.

The detail in this picture is obvious. If you have some details you want me to photograph, let me know. You can find my info on my Facebook page.


 The Bee Is Gone

Ok the bee is gone so I headed back outside to be one with nature. As soon as I stepped out I noticed it was really hot, so honestly I wasn’t going to go an a damn safari or anything. I don’t even know how to surf.

Here are some professional outdoor pictures I took.


These are called Circumscribed Clouds. They always appear right before a big storm.


The grass looks alright, but honestly it wasn’t being very photogenic today.


Standing on top of this mountain, I took a picture of these giant rocks sitting against a grass beach. If God is real, his essence lives within my photographs.

Overall I rate the camera on the OnePlus 2, a 7/10. As a photographer I’m honestly more of a 10/10.

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