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Come with us to explore OnePlus 2 Fingerprint


All the new phones are coming with this fingerprint feature. The OnePlus 2 is no different! I could show you how it all works and stuff like that, but you’re probably already familiar with this feature by now. Instead, I’ll show you the basics, then we will find out what other body parts work with the scanner! Sound fun? Well too bad, because that’s the plan, you creep.

How Does It Work?

The fingerprint scanner is located on the home button. It’s compatible with account sign-ins, screen unlocking, Android Pay and some other stuff.

To set it up, navigate to Settings > Fingerprint

This is going to be the section where you scan your fingerprint, name it, and everything like that. The setup process is simple. You’ll press your finger down on the home button multiple times, until your scan reaches 100%

But anyways, that’s enough about that. Let’s get into the fun stuff. I will try using different limbs and facial parts to activate the fingerprint feature.



A Toe

Unfortunately I was not able to get passed 23% when trying to activate the fingerprint with my toe. How can it  tell the difference between a toe and a finger? Black magic.

I guess it would be kind of strange to have to take your shoes and socks off every time you want to unlock your phone.




I was not able to activate the scanner passed 0%. That’s really disappointing, because my nose is longer and more flexible than my fingers. My nose is even equipped with two hinges, like my fingers. That’s what they’re called right? Hinges?

This would be a nice feature to have, because your nose is always available. When you unlock your phone with your nose, your eyes are already right there looking at your screen. This relieves eye strain.

Maybe we will see support for this in the OnePlus 3.




With The Samsung Galaxy S6, I was able to use my palm, no problem. Believe it or not I still was not able to get passed 0% with this technique.

To say that these results hurt my feelings, would be an understatement.

My heart shattered when I realized I was not going to be able to unlock my phone with my palm.



You guys, it’s all just jokes.

Of course, the finger works flawlessly with the OnePlus 2 fingerprint scanner. It’s fast and reliable, so you wont find yourself removing the feature out of frustration.

Once you place your finger on the scanner, you’ll feel a vibration that confirms the fingerprint has been accepted.

Be sure to use check out this feature if you’re wanting to use Android Pay!

OnePlus 2 fingerprint feature scores a 10/11! Must see!

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