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Come with us to explore OnePlus 2 Gestures


I was at the mall today trying to makes friends, and as I was escorted out by security, I got a notification on my OnePlus 2. I grabbed my phone out of my pocked and started rapidly tapping my screen, trying to use the gesture feature to unlock it. A bystander pointed at me and screamed “Stop right there!!!!” Apparently they thought I was trying to detonate some sort of explosive. 

Security threw me to the ground and my phone went sliding across the floor. One of the bystanders picked it up and activated the camera using the circle gesture. They began filming the incident as everyone started yelling “Police brutality! He can’t breath!” For the first time in 13 years (I’m 13 years old) I felt like I had friends.

Overall my mission was successful and it’s all thanks to the gesture controls on the OnePlus 2. Let’s explore these features.

Activate Gesture Controls

Navigate to Settings > Gestures

In this section of your settings, you’ll find the following options:

Double Tap To Wake

This is the gesture I was talking about above. This is much more than a gimmick. I was sold on tap-2-wake from the first time that it was introduced in the LG G2. Why is this gesture useful? Well I have a habit (not the LOTR Movie) of checking my notifications at about 3:00am. As I struggle to peel the crust off my eyes enough to peek at my phone, the last thing I want to do is stumble around for a clumsy power button. I have had situations where, when trying to turn on my screen via the power button, I’ve launched my phone across the room.


Open Camera

Usually, when you need your camera, you need it NOW! That school fight isn’t going to last forever, and WorldStarHipHop needs its content.

To solve this problem, you can draw a circle on the screen, and launch directly into the camera app.


Toggle Flashlight

Afraid of the dark? Hahaha me too! I cry for hours until my Mom comes in to plug my night light in and I’m 42. I can now avoid this problem easily.

Once the lights go out, I frantically grab my phone and draw a “V” on the screen. The light pops on and everything is ok.


Now you can relax knowing that all the most important features on your phone are just a swipe away. I just made that up by myself. I should be in advertising.

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