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How important is a good keyboard? Well back in 1868, my homie Christopher Latham Sholes invented the QWERTY typewriter. This layout was so good, that 15,000 years later we are still using it! Crazy to think that that was so long ago. I guess once you find something that works, you stick with it. Sounds pretty important to me!

So when you boot up the OnePlus 2, you are given two options during the setup process to choose the Google Keyboard or the SwiftKey Keyboard. You’re probably already familiar with the stock Google Keyboard, but what is this SwiftKey keybord, and how swift is it, really? Let’s see.

Activate SwiftKey Keyboard

Lets start by activating the SwiftKey Keyboard.

Go to Settings > Language & input > Current Keyboard > and select SwiftKey


You’ll be greeted with the stock gray-themed keyboard. Don’t settle for this basic stuff! You have tons of options when it comes to themes.

To access the themes swipe the menu over from the left and select the center icon that looks like a paint brush.

The keyboard has about 15 themes already preinstalled. All you have to do is select one to activate it. If you want to check out more, select the SwiftKey Store where they have tons of free themes that you can download.


If you’re like me, your thumbs are just tiny nubs on the side on your hand. Not technically a finger, but more as just an aesthetic compliment to the shape of your hand. If your tiny thumbs can’t reach the center of the keyboard, you can change the layout so the keys are pushed to the sides.


A floating keyboard can be very useful, considering it takes up a good portion of your screen. Just undock your keyboard and you’ll have the ability to slide it around as needed.


Do other guys have a bigger keyboard than you? Enlarge your keyboard and regain your self confidence!

It’s true that Christopher Latham Sholes’s arrangement of the QWERTY keyboard may never change, but you can reinvent just about every other aspect of your keyboard with SwiftKey.


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