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The USB port and cable are usually the last thing you think about when getting a phone. Most manufactures just shove random wires in a box and call it good to go. OnePlus 2 has embraced the future of USB and packaged a very nice cable to charge and sync your device.

For this article I want you to place your laptop on your chest and crab-walk around on the floor as you read.


What is USB Type C?

USB Type C is the next generation of USB. This beautiful new cable is different from the regular USB, in the sense that you can reverse the position that you plug it in. Have you ever looked at an older phone and see all those scratch marks by the charge port? That’s from trying to plug it in upside down and scratching the tip of the cable against the phone. Try selling your used phone with the description “Scratches around the edge of phone”. HAH good luck!

What else can USB Type C do? You can still use this cable to plug your phone into your computer, and transfer data and a very high speed. You can also get special adapters to use stuff like OTG, HDMI, USB 3.0 and HIV.

USB Type C Cable

So we talked about how USB type C is reversible, but the other end of the cable that you will plug into your computer, is also reversible! This is a actually something unique to the OnePlus 2 data cable. Most USB type C cables are only reversible one the side that goes into your phone. So keep that in mind if you are looking to buy another data cable.

The cord is a bright red flat cable. Making the cable flat, as opposed to round, keeps it from getting tangled and makes it easy to roll up. You also have a little rubber cable tie that you can use to wrap around the cable and keep everything in place.

I went over to the OnePlus online store to grab a link to where you can buy an extra cable, but it doesn’t seem that it’s even something that they sell… Ummm what? They’ll probably have something in the near future, but for now…Take good care of the cable that came with your phone.


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