OnePlus 3 Closed Beta Group Receives Android Oreo

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Fans of OnePlus may not be fans of the company’s faults, especially when it comes to updates. The OnePlus 2 is considered the forgotten child of OnePlus, promised an update to Nougat but it was never received. The device only received one major upgrade, a pretty abysmal state to be in. According to the OnePlus 3 closed beta group, things are changing for the Shenzhen based company.

OnePlus are looking to make a change. They’re serious, and to show that they are aiming for the OnePlus 3/OnePlus 3T to receive a public beta by the end of September 2017 running Android Oreo. OxygenOS being extremely minimal in terms of modifications to Android, people are hopeful that we can see the first Open Beta release by the end of September, though there have been no guarantees. They are currently requesting closed beta users to take logs when there are issues, either in installation or with various system functions.

OnePlus are not known for being “quick to update”, yet from the person reporting from the closed beta group, OnePlus seem to want to change that. Rather than making a promise and restricting themselves to a deadline, they would rather just act and get it out when it’s ready. This marks a change for the company.

So far it seems OnePlus are facing many bugs on their Android Oreo build. With broken NFC, bugged WiFi, inconsistent hotspots and Bluetooth issues, it seems OnePlus are a good bit away from having an Open Beta worthy release. Because of this, we might not see a Public/Open Beta until after September. OnePlus don’t plan to release the Open Beta just for the OnePlus 3, but for the OnePlus 3T and OnePlus 5 as well, presumably at a similar time.

OnePlus could be one of the first to release Android Oreo for their devices. For a technology company which some would know as slow to update their devices, that’s a crazy thought that they may next be one of the quickest — though to be fair, they did a decent job with Android Nougat last year. We’ll need to wait and see if OnePlus include Project Treble in the incremental upgrade. They don’t have to, as none of their devices launched with Android Oreo, but it would be a great parting gift to the community in a final update for the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T.

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