OnePlus Launches Limited Edition Soft Gold Variant of the OnePlus 5

Come with us to explore OnePlus Launches Limited Edition Soft Gold Variant of the OnePlus 5

After riding high on the success of its previous flagships, the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T, OnePlus had launched the new OnePlus 5 in June this year. The new flagship featured upgrades in several key areas, which meant that the device could still prove to be a worthy option to all those looking for a value smartphone. The OnePlus 5 does have a few issues of its own, but for the most part, it serves as an excellent option to those looking to not spend on a premium device but expecting nothing less.

Today, OnePlus is launching a new limited edition Soft Gold color variant of the OnePlus 5. The Soft Gold color variant of the OnePlus 5 will come with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. The phone will be available for purchase on for $479/£449/€499, but OnePlus does mention that the phone will be available only while supplies last.

Secondly, OnePlus is also aiming to provide a wider variety of options to future customers by launching the Slate Gray variant of the device with 8GB RAM and 128GB storage, to be made available in the ‘upcoming weeks’. Previously, only the Midnight Black color variant was available in this storage configuration. OnePlus does maintain price parity across all its color variants as all 6GB RAM variants are priced at $479/£449/€499, while all 8GB RAM variants are priced at $539/£499/€559 at point.

New Soft Gold Look

Not unlike last year’s Soft Gold OnePlus 3, this new color variant features a slightly muted hue that can pass as silver under most lighting conditions. Even then, though, there is a distinct hint of gold that wasn’t there with last year’s Soft Gold variant. OnePlus has also revamped their sandblasting process, allowing the back of this device to glint a bit more under sunlight and giving it a richer texture. The antennae bands’ colors have also been altered to match the overall design, as well as several aspects. of the phone. For example, the trimming/bands around the camera and power button around now golden, though the grill on the top bezel is not. The chamfered edges of the device are also polished now, allowing it to shine under sunlight in a way other variants can’t. The small polished edges around various elements such as the USB Type C port, speaker grill and microphones also allow it to stand out further, making it flashier than the discreet Midnight Black and Slate Gray variants.

The white variant does, however, make some negative elements of the OnePlus 5’s design stand out as well. For example, the white bezels don’t merge with the black screen making them visibly stand out, in turn having them seem larger than average given the phone does sport bigger top and bottom bezels than its predecessor. And, as with many white-front variants of smartphones, you’ll see a black border around the screen, something that’s somewhat alleviated by OnePlus’ choice of a stock dark wallpaper and the default Oxygen theme, instead of the built-in Light Theme. Speaking of software, you won’t really find anything new here, and our unit was running Oxygen 4.5.3 out of the box.

Overall, the Soft Gold OnePlus 5 is just what you’d expect. We think that this variant is quite attractive, though those looking for the absolute best future proofing won’t be able to choose an 8GB RAM/128GB storage option. That’s a perplexing decision on OnePlus’ part, specially when they mention that they’ve made an 8GB RAM Slate Gray variant “to provide our users with more options” in the same press release. Either way, and as we’ve said before, the OnePlus 5 is an excellent phone and thorough (if minor) upgrade to the OnePlus 3, addressing many of the predecessor’s shortcomings. It comes with a few faults of its own, but recent software updates have made it even better with, for example, EIS when recording in 4K which actually works very well.

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