PrimeOS is another Android-x86 fork for older PCs

Come with us to explore PrimeOS is another Android-x86 fork for older PCs

The Android operating system is quite versatile and while most people may think of it for mobile only, it can actually be installed on a number of different platforms. Bluestacks is probably one of the most popular options to get Android installed on a desktop or laptop, but XDA Junior Member  recently released PrimeOS as an alternative for using Android on some older PCs.

PrimeOS has been forked from the Android-x86 project so if you’re familiar with it then you will likely feel right at home here. However, Team Prime OS has tweaked their project a bit and is currently promoting the following features.

Feature Highlights

Desktop Experience

  • Multiple features to give desktop experience like start menu, taskbar etc.
  • Multi-window support with maximize, minimize, close, resize etc.
  • Option to disable multi-window for any app in case you need.
  • General keyboard shortcuts like alt + tab, alt + f4, win + d etc.
  • Close to AOSP experience with only necessary desktop features.
  • Taskbar with ability to pin apps, show notification and system icons.

Android Gaming

  • Decapro key mapping tool to play games with keyboard and mouse (Press F12).
  • Pre mapped some popular games like PUBG, Subway surf etc.
  • GPU tools are available to fake gpu info for any game.


  • Opengapps included, no need to install them manually.
  • OTA support is available but only if you install in EXT4 RW partition.
  • Feedback app is available for you guys to share your thoughts.
  • Up-streamed kernel to google LTS linux 4.9.x.

It should be noted that the PrimeOS installer is currently in development. It will be released soon but those who want to check out this software now can download the ISO and follow the steps included in the linked thread below to get it installed.

There are also some bugs that should be made aware of before anyone dives in here. We’re told that Bluetooth does not work on some devices, there may be some hardware specific issues (such as the trackpad, audio, and WiFi) on some devices as well. However, if you notice anything that isn’t working as it should, Team PrimeOS asks that you report the issue and they will do their best to get things working properly.

Check out PrimeOS in our Android Dev forum

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