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I stood there gazing into the seemingly endless display of the most vivid colors I’ve seen, dancing before my eyes. Life had transcended into a blur between the distinction of reality and digital life. The Samsung Galaxy S7 screen is reminiscent of the glory of when I stormed the beaches of Normandy and obtained victory beyond all odds.

George Washington, First President Of The United States

Samsung holds its spot as king of smartphone displays with the new Galaxy S7 screen. While borrowing many features from it’s predecessor, you will see some new and exciting features added that will hopefully spark new trends in Android displays. Let’s take a close look at what you can expect to see in the Galaxy S7.


With a screen size of 5.1 inches (~70.6% screen-to-body ratio) you’ll have a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels (~577 ppi pixel density). This is the same resolution as the Galaxy S6 which looked beautiful on that phone so It’s shouldn’t be a surprise that this screen will also look amazing.



Sticking with what they do best, Samsung will implement the AMOLED style screen which has proven to be a favorite among Android users.


In a standard display, you’ll have several different panels that make up your phone screen. The super AMOLED screen will combine the backlight, TFT and TSP panels into one piece of hardware. This eliminates any visible gaps or layers and gives you a much better viewing experience.


If you have had your hands on and S6 then this screen will look very familiar to you. That’s about all there is to the Galaxy S7 screen. Samsung fans will be satisfied that the quality and technology continues to improve with each new release and the S7 in no exception.

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