Sony Xperia L Joins the Lollipop Family

Come with us to explore Sony Xperia L Joins the Lollipop Family

In the last couple days, we’ve seen quite a few Android 5.0 Lollipop ports appear for various devices. Aside from the Samsung Galaxy S III Mini, the vast majority of these ports were designed to work with flagship-level devices. Now, another non-flagship (yet highly regarded) device has been added to the Lollipop fray: the Sony Xperia L.

The AOSP port was made by XDA Recognized Developer and Contributor varun.chitre15. The release is pretty stable for an initial build, but because of some serious issues, it can’t yet be considered a daily driver ROM. There are still issues with RIL and general connectivity, which are obviously quite vital in a smartphone. The rest works pretty well already, so it’s kind of impressive to see such progress in an alpha release.

To flash AOSP onto your Xperia L, your device must be unlocked. The archive isn’t flashable, so you must also make sure that you have Fastboot properly configured. You can find instructions regarding unlocking on the official Sony pages.

The Xperia L is one of the devices that has already had its source has been released by Sony. This build had to be ported over to the newest version of Android, but nonetheless is an indirect fruit of Sony’s AOSP program. If you have Xperia L in your pocket, head over to the Xperia L Lollipop dvelopment thread to get in on the Lollipop sweetness.

Source : Sony Xperia L Joins the Lollipop Family
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