The Best of OnePlus 6 Development in One Place: Custom ROMs, Kernels

Come with us to explore The Best of OnePlus 6 Development in One Place: Custom ROMs, Kernels

Guide by Recognized Contributor- Funk Wizard

This guide from the XDA forums will take you through every step involved in unlocking your bootloader, rooting your phone, and flashing TWRP. The guide is organised, detailed, and will have all the information you need. This is the best place to start before you begin flashing ROMs.

OnePlus 6 Root/Unlock Guide

This Utility Software Provides a Bunch of Essential Functions for your Phone

This software utility is designed to provide several functions to manage your OnePlus 6. Get the appropriate drivers, lock/unlock the bootloader, flash recovery, and execute ADB commands. There’s also some advanced options for you to sideload apks, flash files VIA fastboot, access an ADB file manager ect. This software is great for anyone who doesn’t want to go the traditional route of manually entering ADB commands through terminal.


How to enable Always on Display on the OnePlus 5, OnePlus 5T, and OnePlus 6

There are some smartphone features that have become so standard that many of us automatically assume every new phone will have them. Double tap to sleep/wake is one that I assume a smartphone with an AMOLED screen will have and it seems like we’re getting to that point with the always-on display as well. The OnePlus 6 had the always on display feature removed due to battery concerns, but there’s a Magisk Module that will bring the feature to the OnePlus 5, OnePlus 5T, and the OnePlus 6.

See the video tutorial here.

Full Guide

TWRP Official Release for the OnePlus 6

Get the official TWRP custom recovery for the OnePlus 6. A custom recovery allows you to perform backups, flash ROMs, factory reset, restore your phone and much more. TWRP is the most popular choice when it comes to Android custom recoveries. Flashing a custom recovery is the first step required before diving into all sorts of different modifications for your phone.

Download TWRP

These ROMs were chosen to be featured as they are some of the most popular ROMs in our OnePlus 6 forums. More ROMs will be added as development continues to grow.

oneplus 6 development

Unofficial Lineage ROM

With the OnePlus 6 only recently making its way into the hands of developers, it’ll take some time for stable builds of custom AOSP-based ROMs to be made available for the device. Development for the device may even be a bit delayed because of the dual A/B partition scheme for seamless updates. Since the OnePlus 6 supports Project Treble, though, it should be possible to install an AOSP Generic System Image on it. XDA Recognized Developer phhusson has released builds of LineageOS 15.1 and Resurrection Remix for the device that are based on his work with Treble, and you can try them out now if you really need an AOSP fix.

Doug Lynch




oneplus 6 development


The OnePlus is the first OnePlus device myself and baadnewz have owned and are really impressed with the operating system. We’ve brought back a few features that got removed in early versions of the software (always on display), opened up hidden features (extended DnD settings, autorun manager) and wanna really try make a unique custom OxygenOS ROM, that isn’t your usual placebo “build prop tweaks” and the debloating of an already debloated operating system. Another neat thing we are currently working on is the ability to set a custom color in the native “accent colour” option in settings. Basically we want to try add as many custom features to OxygenOS as possible! 




oneplus 6 development

xXx NoLimits 1.1

xXx NoLimits greatly improves the user experience for all OP6 users who like to stay close to the OOS stock Rom. With the OP6, xXx NoLimits introduces a new concept, providing all apps, mods and tweaks in a single and individual customizable Magisk Module.

xXx NoLimits enhances the OOS Stock Rom with a smooth and snappy user experience, a decent battery life and a collection of additional apps, tweaks and mods.

Advantages over my previous full Rom concept

  • Works independent of the current OOS Rom version
  • Still working after OOS version upgrade
  • Support OOS Stock Rom OTA’s
    – When a new OOS OTA is available, just run the OOS update, flash Magisk again and xXx NoLimits is still in place and working like before
  • Complete Systemless – Don’t touches system or vendor partition at all
  • Debloating without touching the system partition.
    – You can change debloat options and simply flash xXx NoLimits again without the need to install the OOS stock rom again.
  • Smaller and faster download

For a detailed overview how xXx NoLimits works and what’s included, head over to the XDA thread and give it a try.


First OnePlus device with Official Project Treble

The OnePlus 6 is also the company’s first phone to support Project Treble, Google’s ambitious re-architecturing of Android which not only promises to speed up update delivery potential, but also allows custom ROM development to flourish by enabling generic builds that can be flashed across Treble-ready devices. Project Treble is responsible for the availability of the official Android P beta on the OnePlus 6, and while previous OnePlus phones had absolutely no shortage of custom ROM development, this only facilitates it further, expanding the set of options users have at their disposal.

These kernels were chosen to be featured as they are some of the most popular kernels in our OnePlus 6 forums. More kernels will be added as development continues to grow.

oneplus 6 development

Franken Kernel

FrankenKernel started as a side project while working on AOISP back during the Nexus days. It has changed over the years from AOSP based to caf, oxygen and even flash kernel. FrankenKernel strives to test the limits, offering plenty of custom features while maintaining stability. Franken first appeared on the OnePlus 3 and has been the stock kernel on FrankenRom for the OnePlus 5 and 5t.






oneplus 6 development

ElementalX Kernel

ElementalX kernel is available for many phones and focuses on a stable user experience with a rich set of features. For those who like to tinker, ElementalX allows a lot of customization. Or it can be flash-and-go for those who like to keep things simple. For the OnePlus 6, early development has focused on sound control, vibration control and battery optimization, along with the usual features such as wake gestures, sweep2sleep, wakelock blocking, various i/o schedulers and other customizations.





oneplus 6 development


blu_spark kernel and mods are well know around OnePlus fans (it’s present in almost all OnePlus devices). The kernel has a stockish feeling, things that need to get out of the way normally are disabled (so users can get it back if needed) and only useful things are handpicked to enhance UX out of the box. Stability is paramount and optimizations are the drive that people can rely on. Patches are picked to improve stability, battery, performance and security when needed, always build with custom toolchains with target optimizations in mind to get the best out of the arch/Soc. Some usual added goodies present in blu_spark: CPUfreq/scheduler/graphic stack performance improvements, architecture optimizations and fixes, removed cruft like logging and debug, patched SafetyNet flags to pass CTS, IO scheduling and other storage/filesystem stuff, USB fast charge, haptic/vibration strength tunables, battery/notification LED control, Wakelock blockers, WireGuard…



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