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XDA Labs is built entirely in-house and is the best way to access the forums while on mobile. It’s fully Material Design, ad-free, and fast. It’s the future.


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In addition to accessing the forums, Labs contains an app distribution platform for both hobbyist and professional developers. With support for Alpha, Beta, and Stable release channels, developers get the utmost in control. We also have built-in commerce for devs that want to earn money for their work, and unlike Play, where developers only get 70% of app revenue, XDA lets developers keep 100% through PayPal or Bitcoin payment methods.


Labs also contains the best way to install Xposed modules. For those unfamiliar, Xposed is an innovative framework that, once installed (requires root), allows the user to modify the system, as well as apps, without a custom ROM. Want to theme Hangouts? Xposed can do it. Want to modify your on-screen navigation buttons? Xposed can do it. And with Labs, all of the brilliant Xposed modules are at your fingertips in a slick interface.


You’ll find other goodies in Labs such as a selection of beautiful wallpaper that can be applied with one-click, an implementation of our new Search Plus tool, and more. By now you have no reason not to use Labs, so, get it! Right meow!

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Click the link above if you’re a developer and want to get your app in Labs. It’s quick and easy, like cheesy.

XDA Labs Direct APK Download

Direct APK Download

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